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New Blog!

 Hi people! <3
I wanted to tell you, that I continue my blog on renacavallone.blogspot.de :)
I decided, that it's better to continue there and I hope there will be still people reading my blog :)
I hope you had a nice weekend!
Last post here, so byebye <3
I hope to see you on blogger :)


I tried something neeew! But I'm still not 100% satisfied with the result .__.
I have to keep on trying and improving :)
So I was bored againand  I looked for some new inspirations and then I tried to make it by myself.
That's what it looks like:

I'm sorry again for the crappy cam .__. I hate my handycam, but it's the only one I have right now ;(
I hope I get my real cam, soon!
By the way: is there a real good sujimori hair tut somewhere?
I saw the one by Pin, it's pretty good, but I think a wig and real hair are something different..
Aaand I wore my Twilight-lenses again!
I found them in a costume shop here for a low price and I was really surprised, that they are like circle-lenses!
Now 4 days of freedom are coming!
I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Such a lonely day..

Hi there!
Today's a pretty boring day and I have to do a lot things for school :(
After hours of learning and doing presentations I decided to make a new entry today :D
Also I want to share some pictures with you ^_^
First, me uneditet (except censoring my surroundings :D )
Everyday makeup for school and a plain white shirt from my boyfriend :D
Messy hair and stuff :D <3

A part of my Hello Kitty stuff (though I've got a bunch load more of this stuff)

And at last the beautiful watch my boyfriend bought me for christmas:
and back

I hope your day was..not as boring as mine!
The next few days I will be way too busy to post in here, but I will try out a few new things after all the stress in school
is done!
Have a nice week! <3

New Make-Up hihi <3

I tried something new with my make, so I bought cheap lashes and cut them like I thought it would look good on me.
And the result looks like this:

Also I tried to dye my hair in a beautiful silver color..but I failed.. :(
I can't recommend Directions Silver..I held the color in for 1 hour, though they said to hold the color in for like..15 minutes? Still my hair is light blonde and nothing else :/

I hope I can go shopping on Monday :)
Still, have a nice weekend <3


Going out with my bf now and I would like to share my oufit with you :)
Oooh and I need way more accessoires..I depresses me that I can't find anything I like for a low price.. :/ I think I'm going to try out ebay soon xD My hair is crappy like my makeup so I censored my face :D


Found my blue circles *_*

Oh I'm so happy! I found my blue circle lenses again *_*
But also my beloved curling iron "died" today..depressing..
I tried to go out gyaru-ish, but somehow I can't find most of my clothes after I moved in a new flat :(
Well, I tried :)
Todays coord was kind of..normal xD
But I hope my hair and makeup looks okay :)
Yeah I look pretty fat ;( my handycam is still not my best friend XD

I better censor my mouth..it looks creepy.. xD

Thanks for reading, I hope I can try out more hairstyles tomorrow, when I get a new curling iron :/
RIP old one :(

Hearts to all of you <3

First entry! Yay!

Hi people!
My name is Rena and I'm from Germany!
I am interessted in things like Japan and Martial Arts for many years!
Now the time has come, where I found a style I am really fascinated of: Gyaru!
So I will try to improof my skills in this style.
I am really untalented in things like blogging and webdesign, so I will try my best to improof my abilities here, too!
Hope you'll like it!
First I want to share some pics of me.
When I started to be interessted in gyaru I looked like this: 260570_10150214707312827_668897826_7512167_5359885_n

Now my everyday-look is this:

I love wigs, but still I won't do "gyaru"-pics with them. I think you have to show your abilities on your own hair!
So for today this would be enough!
Thank you for reading this!